Corporate Services

  • Are employees absent due to musculoskeletal or other problems common in an aging, out of shape, workforce population?

  • Are medical cases resolved through administrative or legal procedures?

  • Are those who are suffering a Critical Illness, or a worker’s compensation claim well supported in the local health network?

  • Are your employment candidates resilient to the challenges they will face in executing your business needs once hired? Or will they end up claiming a disability due to their pre-existing personal psychological state?

MedExtra provides Care Management and Early Medical Intervention to support those who have healthcare related needs, medical issues, saving time and money.

MedExtra’s our collaborative approach generates a significant Return on Investment.

For a low cost, MedExtra’s services solves medical issues and has a positive impact on the health of employees, productivity, retention, cost of disability and return no ‘normal’ life.

MedExtra’s Corporate Services include: