MedExtra’s HealthMinder subscriptions are designed to do just that – mind your health. We do this by managing all of the details regarding your individual health care, from diagnosis to treatment, recovery to health maintenance.

Your health care management needs are tended-to  by an experienced and dedicated staff of client care advocates, nurse and physician Care Managers. This tried-and-tested approach has been the cornerstone to MedExtra’s success in delivering rapid, efficient and cost-effective health care to thousands of clients across Canada.

As a HealthMinder member, you will benefit from:

  • A review and assessment of your complete relevant medical file
  • A comprehensive medical summary and chartered plan of action covering diagnosis and treatment
  • Timely access to the right medical field specialists and treating physicians
  • 24-to-72hr diagnostic and procedural testing appointment booking
  • Direct physician-to-physician health care oversight
  • Bi-weekly check-in consultation during diagnosis and treatment phase(s)
  • Monday-to-Friday, 8AM-to-8PM toll-free and email support to answer any of your medical questions
  • Medical assistance and direction in the event of a new health problem
  • Preferred rates, where available, within MedExtra’s global network of hospitals, physicians and clinics