Hospitalization Care Management

When hospitalized for any condition – On demand access to physician and nurse Care Managers for daily liaison and updates from the treating medical team when hospitalized.

Hospitalization for any condition is not only difficult for the patient and very stressful for their family as well. Understanding the problems and issues is stressful, challenging and time consuming not only for the patient but for their family as well.

MedExtra’s Hospitalization Care Management reduces the anxiety and stress through constant updates between Care Managers, the treating medical team and clients and their family throughout treatment, hospitalizations and follow up.

MedExtra Care Managers provide clients and their family members with case specific key information and answers to the specific case issues that arise. For those rare instances where a diagnostic or treatment dilemma arises MedExtra has a worldwide network of specialists to call upon for input.

MedExtra’s close ‘cooperative and collegial’ communication with the treating medical team puts the spotlight on our clients for increased attention and vigilance.

This improves the quality of care, shortens any length of in-patients stays, reduces complications and shortens rehabilitation and resumption of autonomy.