Medical Director

This service complements disability management with an enterprise class solution to bridge the gap between disability managers and treating physicians so that it costs an employer less to have an ill, absent or injured employee return to work sooner. MedExtra’s physician and nurse Care Managers bring Early Medical Intervention for responsive, efficient and effective resolution on a tight corporate timeline for every employee health issue.

MedExtra is not a clinic and we provide no care. When employees face health issues MedExtra provides the three things that matter most to employers, employees and disability managers:

  1. One Call Does it All – Rapid response to understand the problem and for vital physician insight as to how to best address the medical problem;

  1. Fast Case Review – Accelerated diagnosis and treatment:

    1. Rapid provision of a medical action plan;

    2. Expedited medical record retrieval;

    3. Thorough case review.

  1. Early Medical Intervention and Care Management – Rigorous cost containment & control:

    1. Accelerated diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and return to work;

    2. Optimized care with rapid access to key medical resources;

    3. Cooperative and collaborative with employees and treating physicians;

    4. Empathetic psycho-social support for employees.

All claims are reviewed at no charge to identify the potentially costly and problematic files at their onset. Upon employer approval, Early Medical Intervention is engaged to accelerate diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and return to work. Additional fees upon prior approval by plan the client;

MedExtra Medical Director Brochure