Second Opinion

MedExtra has long recognized the challenges facing Canadians with a critical illness. Well before the final diagnosis Canadians face a long, arduous and stress filled wait for the preliminary diagnosis followed by uncertainty, worry, lack of support and difficult access to specific final diagnosis and initial definitive treatment. Even once treatment begins, individuals are faced with a lack of; advanced high technology resources, hospitalizations, surgery, complications, follow up and support throughout the multi-year or even lifetime care and follow up.

While current American RSO providers furnish high level RSOs they do not address these vital ‘Canadian’ issues before, during and after diagnosis and treatment. To meet these homegrown challenges MedExtra has developed a unique ‘Canadianized’ Concierge RSO which combines a similar world class RSO with accelerated diagnosis (first opinion!) and close medical and psycho-social support throughout treatment and the multi-year follow up.

MedExtra Remote Second Opinion Service