Seniors’ support

More and more seniors and particularly their working children are impacted by ongoing/chronic medical issues which are poorly addressed by the healthcare system, regardless of how attentive their family physicians are.

Medication Overview – A physician & geriatric pharmacist review of medications to alleviate polypharmacy. Even many healthy, active seniors are on multiple medications prescribed by more than one physician. Pharmacists are well equipped to bring to light any allergic or medication interactions. Lacking any detailed history they fail to understand how therapeutic and side effects impact an individual’s medical conditions, their daily lifestyle and how they may be causing symptoms that are commonly referred to as a normal part of aging.

MedExtra’s Pharmaceutical Overview combines a Care Manager Overview to understand an individual’s medical history and current situation with a physician’s review of all the medications to ensure appropriate treatment


Medical Situation Concierge – Diagnostic Referral , Simple HealthMinder , Complex HealthMinder. Pay as you go access to MedExtra’s Client Care Advocates, Care Managers and resource network for medical problem resolution or execution of our Medical Plan of Action when the need arises.


Placement Pre-Screening


Telephonic Medical and psycho-social screening to assess degree of autonomy to determine options for placement or for more in-depth Pre-Placement Evaluation to find the most suitable residence for seniors with more complex medical and psycho-social needs. This more ‘medical’ approach assesses the key biologic, psychological, social and pharmacological factors for placement.


Hospitalization Liaison – Liaison with treating physicians at time of admission to hospital. When an elderly parent is hospitalized, possibly even in another city, the stress and time away from work skyrocket. With one phone call, at or around the time of admission, MedExtra communicates with the treating medical team to provide a Care Management Overview of the medical issues including the treatment plan and the prognosis to facilitate decision making and for peace of mind.


Critical Illness Care Management - Diagnosis, treatment and follow up of a critical illness is a very lengthy complex and time consuming process through a byzantine healthcare system devoid of any notion of ‘customer service’. MedExtra helps clients and their families.


Remote Second Opinion/Virtual Consult