2019 - A Telemedicine Primer

 SmartExam Clinical Notes
Using artificial intelligence, SmartExam generates detailed physician/clinical notes including diagnosis, treatment, information about the diagnosis and additional notes. These clinical notes are generally far more detailed than typical family physician notes. As well, these clinical notes include a review of the interactive clinical interview.
 SmartExam User After Visit Summary
The SmartExam AVS for the user explains in detail the diagnosis and some of the associated signs and symptoms, the prescribed medication, what to watch for (red flags), other available treatments, prevention and useful tips.

MedExtra Provides Supplemental Health Services to Those in Need

Our All Together line of services, designed for the new workplace reality of the 21st century, bridge the gap between what plan members and plan sponsors need; and what the public health system and group insurance plans provide.

Since MedExtra is not a medical clinic, we are focused on the ideal solution for our clients, rather than maximal use of internal resources.

Our advanced triage & Care Management protocols, raise a red flag early on to uncover questionable claims while accelerating diagnosis, treatment & return to health/work for plan members ‘stuck’ in the healthcare system.

Plan members benefit from efficient, effective, engaged care for faster diagnosis & treatment, while plan sponsors benefit from professional cost & risk management, that focuses on the real problems.

Call 877.373.9872 or email us now for more information on how we can help you obtain the optimal medical solution for your unique situation.