2019 - A Telemedicine Primer

 SmartExam Clinical Notes
Using artificial intelligence, SmartExam generates detailed physician/clinical notes including diagnosis, treatment, information about the diagnosis and additional notes. These clinical notes are generally far more detailed than typical family physician notes. As well, these clinical notes include a review of the interactive clinical interview.
 SmartExam User After Visit Summary
The SmartExam AVS for the user explains in detail the diagnosis and some of the associated signs and symptoms, the prescribed medication, what to watch for (red flags), other available treatments, prevention and useful tips.

All Together Plus Risk Management – Medical, HR, Legal

Bundling all the features & benefits of All Together, the Plus version includes professional in-house HR and legal assistance*, ideal for small- and medium-sized plan sponsors.

All Together Plus is the ultimate solution for comprehensive cost & risk management.

* Professional in-house HR and legal assistance provided by Assistenza, a valued MedExtra distributor and Canada’s largest white-label value-added assistance provider.