All Together Program Overview

Merging 21st century societal trends are heavily impacting the workplace by increasing corporate costs & risk related to plan member health issues:

  1. Workforce Demographics – Millenials replacing baby boomers.
    • a. Millennials – Premiums driven by large LTD reserves.
    • b. Baby Boomers – Delayed diagnosis/treatment, complex issues.
  2. Healthcare – Overwhelmed physicians, wait lists & care delays.
  3. Disability – Mental health is #1 cause of disability (>30% of claims)
  4. Disability Management – Historically, this worked using established guidelines for the objective, pathology-based issues which drove disability (cancer, heart disease, trauma). Current disability management, for opaque or subjective mental health claims, is not guideline based and is overly reliant on treating physicians and their fill in the blank Attending Physician Statements.
  5. The Legal Environment – Claim adjudication decisions are increasingly being grieved or litigated. To pro-actively reduce the cost & risk related to plan member health issues, two vital ingredients are required:
    1. An experienced physician-led medical team to accelerate diagnosis, treatment, return to health & return to work.
    2. The cooperation & engagement of treating physicians, which can only be achieved by other physicians