2019 - A Telemedicine Primer

 SmartExam Clinical Notes
Using artificial intelligence, SmartExam generates detailed physician/clinical notes including diagnosis, treatment, information about the diagnosis and additional notes. These clinical notes are generally far more detailed than typical family physician notes. As well, these clinical notes include a review of the interactive clinical interview.
 SmartExam User After Visit Summary
The SmartExam AVS for the user explains in detail the diagnosis and some of the associated signs and symptoms, the prescribed medication, what to watch for (red flags), other available treatments, prevention and useful tips.

All Together Virtual Care

Telemedicine’s Next Generation – Artificial Intelligence Virtual Care.

Today’s world is mobile. With increasing wait times to receive care for minor illnesses and the current strain on our healthcare system, Canadians are looking for fast, efficient & effective healthcare and are turning to mobile technology – enter telemedicine.

But what is telemedicine? It’s not high-tech medicine but high-tech videoconferencing for physicians to assess individuals. It offers user convenience, with the weak link being the human factor and not the technology, as in aircraft accidents, where pilot error is a factor in more than 50% of fatal accidents, as high as 80% if one includes ground workers.

Advisors, vendors, carriers and plan sponsors are all dazzled by dreams of cost savings, ROI and plan member goodwill and convenience. But why are so few willing to pay?

Perhaps it’s that: Time saved will be taken as sick days; TM is really dressed up FaceTime™ with unknown physicians; there are wait times to videoconference; the TM providers are startups; there is little market validation; it’s simply too costly, or it’s the fear about the quality of care and possible missed/misdiagnoses? As a physician no one understands these issues more than I do!

WHAT IF all these concerns simply disappeared?

WHAT IF the care was entirely evidence-based quality?

WHAT IF the solution was the #1 rated Artificial Intelligence Virtual Care platform?

WHAT IF there were over tens of millions of existing users?

WHAT IF the cost was a fraction of the competitor’s telemedicine offering?

WHAT IF you could offer THIS to your clients?

Now you can! Our offering, SmartExam by, rated by Forrester New Wave Report Q2 2019 as the #1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Virtual Care solution, overcomes traditional TM barriers by replacing the weakest link, the human/physician, with AI, less prone to mistakes and designed to deliver evidence-based care. This is best understood in our Complete Guide to 21st Century Virtual Care and in the Forrester Report brochure.

Providing unparalleled diagnostic accuracy & related treatment protocols for over 450 minor medical conditions, consistently each time, every time, with no wait 24/7, SmartExam’s Artificial Intelligence Virtual Care is your go-to solution for less than $20/year per employee!