All Together Virtual Care

Telemedicine’s Next Generation – Artificial Intelligence Virtual Care.

Today’s world is mobile. With increasing wait times to receive care for minor illness conditions and the current strain on our healthcare system, Canadians are looking for fast, efficient & effective healthcare and are turning to mobile technology.

Current telemedicine services in Canada offer videoconferencing with physicians on your smartphone, the same community-based family physicians seen in local clinics. In the US, traditional telemedicine is being replaced or supplemented by the much higher quality artificial-intelligence-based clinical interviews followed by a medical professional interview.

We are proud to offer the #1 rated AI Virtual Care solution providing unparalleled diagnostic accuracy & related treatment protocols for over 450 minor medical conditions, consistently each time, every time, with no wait 24/7.

We are proud to say that our virtual care program already counts over 30 million satisfied users.

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