Virtual Medical Director

The Virtual Medical Director is a dual function Care & Control protocol and metrics-driven resource ensuring targeted, Best Practice Guidelines care for those in need, while controlling costs.

As a management resource, the VMD controls absence cost drivers with a unique process to:

  1. Verify absence to separate the medical, non-medical, those needing more and those taking advantage
  2. Validate two major KPIs of absence: quality of care and ability to work

The Virtual Medical Director triages absence claims within the first two weeks following the last day of work; this process identifies those employees struggling with unresolved medical issues, which leads the VMD to pro-actively assist treating physicians, cooperatively and early, to ensure prompt access to targeted, Best Practice Guidelines, mental or physical health care.

The Virtual Medical Director is Canada’s first employer resource serving as a counterweight to support overwhelmed physicians and the “sinking” of the healthcare system, to re-establish a new equilibrium of optimal care & outcomes for employees, and control for employers.


  • A comprehensive partner for a holistic approach
  • Faster care & return to health and RTW for employees
  • Oversight & cost/risk control for business
  • Peace of mind for employees


  • Medical file review, disability claims greater than 10 days
  • Best Practice Guidelines Physician Concierge for employees
  • Professional, cooperative & collegial with treating physicians
  • Integrates into all plans & easy to use

Our one-page Overview can be found here.