MedExtra is a Montreal based B2B and B2C provider of Supplemental Health Services which bridge the gap between Group & Provincial plans and what plan sponsors and plan members need. Our value proposition is based on Care Management and Early Medical Intervention, concepts developed by MedExtra to address medical issues and their attendant corporate costs at their onset. MedExtra consistently delivers “ROI and Peace of Mind” through our engaged, efficient and effective supplemental health services.

In the early 2000s Dr. Jeffrey Brock perceived that the information technology revolution had by-passed the practice of medicine in Canada. When Canadians have a health issue, care is reactive, assessments are done in series, customer service is poor and information is rarely transmitted electronically. The user faces stressful running around, consults of sub-optimal benefit, wasted time and a lack of engaged care.

This realization gave birth to Care Management, MedExtra’s unique internal process, or to use computer terminology our internal operating system, functioning in the background, which underpins all of our offerings. Care Management integrates;

  • Information technology

  • Personal & proprietary health information

  • Care Managers (nurses and physicians)

  • Treating physicians

  • Medical resource network

Care Management provides Canadians from coast to coast; engaged customer service, Early Medical Intervention, electronic transmission of clear concise medical information to healthcare providers in advance of all appointments, assessments on time saving parallel tracks and a vast resource network.

MedExtra Care Management DiagramCare Management accelerates diagnosis, treatment, return to health/work and brings value for payers, simplicity and ease of use for members, dynamic flexibility and innovation to support small and medium businesses.

MedExtra counts among its clients; individuals, employers, benefit consultants, regional and national Managing General Agents, international financial services companies and insurance companies across Canada.