Case Initiation Documents for Employers

Welcome to the Virtual Medical Director Case Initiation. If one of your employees is absent, has submitted an accommodation request or is stuck turning in circles with a medical issue, getting started is easy:

  1. To initiate the Virtual Medical Director, download this two-part form.
  2. The first part, for the employer only, is to explain what the problem is and what your objective is.
  3. The second part is the authorization to release information which the employee is required to sign.
  4. After both parts are completed, they should be scanned and uploaded to us using the form to the right.

    Maximum File Size = 2MB • Taille maximale du fichier = 2MB

    Mandate & Information Release for Individuals

    Download this form if you are an individual who wants to initiate the My Medical Director or the Medical Concierge. After filling out the form and scanning it, you may upload it using the form at the right.

      Maximum File Size = 2MB •Taille maximale du fichier = 2MB