Program Overview

Absenteeism, including mental health, is costing Canadian organizations well over $50 billion annually in payroll costs, talent management expenses and lost productivity.

According to Mercer Canada, 500,000 workers are absent from work each week due to mental health issues1.
Legacy solutions, bundled with employee benefits, have limited effect in todays’ more subjective, opinion-based mental health disability.

Absenteeism is now ‘On Demand’, with rapidly escalating corporate cost & risk, as overwhelmed physicians and a healthcare system in disarray amplify time away from work:

  • Transactional care and long wait lists for just about everything
  • Inconsistent quality of care with no validated mental health disability guidelines
  • Lack of corporate control
  • Privacy concerns over confidential medical information being shared in the workplace

More cost-effective management of mental health absenteeism requires a more comprehensive approach centering around:

  1. Early and close administrative management of all claims
  2. Early access to the highest Evidence-based /Best Practice Guidelines care

Our Virtual Medical Director service, unique in Canada, generates savings to fund targeted, Best Practice Guidelines care to accelerate treatment for rapid return to health & work.